Our Code

Our Code represents a high-level summary of key areas of Centrica’s Policies and Standards which provides a clear framework to ensure our people and those we work with, do the right thing and act with integrity.

It applies everywhere, every day to everyone who works for us, with us and alongside us.

As the foundation of our Ethics & Compliance programme, Our Code represents a high-level summary of our?Policies and Standards, supporting?Our Values?and demonstrating our commitment to being a responsible business.

Our commitments

We operate safely and securely

Keeping our people and customers safe and secure is our top priority. We believe all work-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses can be prevented, which is why we are committed to working in a safe and responsible way.

  • We focus on health, safety and security
  • We do not tolerate misuse of drugs or alcohol at work

We conduct our business with integrity

We are committed to working with integrity, within the laws and regulations of all the countries in which we operate and in accordance with recognised international standards.

  • We do not offer or accept bribes
  • We exchange gifts and hospitality responsibly
  • We disclose and resolve conflicts of interest
  • We respect trade controls
  • We do not participate in money laundering
  • We do not tolerate fraud
  • We do not use or pass on insider information
  • We compete fairly
  • We require everyone we work with to operate responsibly

We value our people

Our people are fundamental to us achieving our goals. We work collaboratively to create a culture of mutual trust and respect, where our people feel motivated and able to develop their skills and experience, so that we can be an employer of choice and a trusted corporate citizen. We believe that the health and wellbeing of our people is vital to our business success and recognise the potential impact that work can have on their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

  • We are inclusive and embrace diversity
  • We do not tolerate harassment and bullying
  • We offer fair reward and recognition

We treat our customers fairly

In order to satisfy the changing needs of our customers it is vital that we understand and meet the needs of our customers now and in the future. We work hard to provide innovative products and services that help our customers keep their homes and businesses running smoothly and we ensure our customers understand how to use our products safely and responsibly. We ensure our customers and treated fairly and look out for customers who may need help.

  • We aim to deliver excellent customer service
  • We advertise, sell and promote our products openly and fairly
  • We respect customer privacy

We protect our assets, information and interests

We are committed to safeguarding our infrastructure, systems and equipment that hold records and data. All our records, data and assets are therefore prepared with accuracy and treated with confidentiality

  • We protect and maintain our data, information and records accurately
  • We use company property and assets responsibly
  • We protect our intellectual property
  • We protect Centrica systems
  • We use social media responsibly

We work responsibly with communities and government

We aspire to be a trusted corporate citizen and a 21st century energy and services company. We recognise that ultimately society provides us with our licence to operate and therefore strong relationships with governments, long-term partnerships with local communities and managing our impact on the environment are critical to a sustainable and successful business.

  • We engage in our communities
  • We respect human rights
  • We engage with governments and politicians responsibly
  • We engage with the media responsibly
  • We manage our impact on the environment
  • Our Code governance

    Each year, our people undertake mandatory training on?Our Code?and are required to make a declaration committing to uphold and abide by Our Code.

    If anyone requires advice or wishes to raise a concern on any issue relating to Our Code, our Speak Up process is available to assist. Employees can raise concerns with their line managers, specified contacts within the business or use our Speak Up helpline. The Centrica Speak Up helpline is available 24 hours seven days a week and enables issues to be reported anonymously.

    Concerns raised are reviewed by the Ethics & Compliance team who decide how and who should progress the matter. If appropriate, an investigation will be undertaken to establish relevant facts and determine whether action needs to be taken. If a breach of Our Code is found, appropriate steps will be taken to address the issue and may include disciplinary action. The individual who raised the concern will be kept updated and, where possible, provided with appropriate conclusions and recommendations once the investigation is closed.

    We are committed to protecting those who raise concerns in good faith and do not tolerate any form of retaliation against those who report possible or actual breaches of Our Code.


Our Code

Our Code helps ensure our people and those we work with, do the right thing and act with integrity.


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