Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging with stakeholders is fundamental to our business success. By listening to and collaborating with stakeholders, we can grow our business and deliver for our customers and society over the long term.

The Board is committed to maintaining open channels of communication with?all?the Company’s stakeholders. An important part of this is providing a clear explanation of the Company’s strategy and objectives, and ensuring feedback is acknowledged, considered and, where appropriate, acted upon.?

We seek feedback in several ways including?forums, market research and product testing as well?as via complaints channels and surveys.?

"We look forward to continuing our dialogue on Centrica’s long-term ambition for decarbonisation of heat and power, scenario analysis and shorter-term targets."

Bruce Duguid and Andy Jones Hermes ESOS, Lead investor for Centrica under Climate Action 100+

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  • Customers


    Our success depends on our ability to understand what our residential and business customers want and how they feel. By seeking their views and putting ourselves in their shoes, we can focus our business decisions on satisfying the changing needs of our customers – from providing new products that fill a gap in the market to delivering system improvements that enable a better service. We seek feedback in several ways including forums, market research and product testing as well as via complaints channels and surveys.??

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  • Investors & shareholders

    Investors & shareholders

    Shareholders provide funds that help us run and grow?our business. In return, they want to know that we are?a well run company, able to give them sustainable?returns on their investment. We regularly meet with?large shareholders, attend conferences and respond?to requests for further information in addition to our?ongoing reporting cycle. Topics discussed span?our financial, operational and responsible business?activities. Engagement helps investors understand?our performance and raise any concerns, supporting?our future decision-making.


  • Communities & NGOs

    Communities & NGOs

    It is important that we make a positive contribution?to our communities and join forces to overcome major?challenges. To strengthen our impact, we share our?knowledge and invite input from a range of stakeholders?including NGOs and charities as well as communities?more broadly, through methods such as industry?working groups, consultations, global partnerships and?community investment. The focus of our engagement?can vary considerably from environmental protection?to tackling enduring social issues.


  • Government & regulators

    Government & regulators

    We actively engage governments, regulators and?legislators, either directly or through trade associations.?We respond to issues of concern and provide expertise?to support policy development around topics such as?Brexit and market competition as well as employment?and environmental practices. These open conversations?and consultations enable us to contribute to government priorities and improve understanding of our business,?to ensure the energy system functions in the interests?of customers over the immediate and longer term.


  • Suppliers


    Reliable and ethical supply chains are essential for serving our customers and supporting strong communities. We take great care to treat our suppliers?fairly and collaborate to drive high standards in order to maximise opportunities and minimise risks across our supply chain. We interact with our suppliers in a variety of ways including tender and bid processes, surveys, site inspections and events. These interactions cover a broad range of topics such as cost efficiencies and ways of working as well as environmental and modern slavery compliance.


  • Colleagues


    We want to be an employer of choice. Central to this is providing a workplace where everyone feels motivated and able to deliver for our customers. Listening to our people and taking action to ensure we have the right culture, policies and practices in place is key. Our people can share their thoughts through surveys, performance reviews, consultations, Yammer and our independent Speak Up helpline. Frequently raised issues include leadership, inclusion, remuneration, training and improving our service offer to customers.

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