Role of the Board

In keeping with best practice, our Board oversee the Group’s worldwide operations through a unitary Board and five separate Committees – Audit, Nominations, Remuneration, SHESEC and Disclosure.

Board Governance Structure

We are committed to high standards of corporate governance. Read our Corporate Governance Report in our?Annual Report and Accounts.

Board of Directors

The board is responsible for corporate governance, developing strategy and major policy, reviewing management performance, approving financials and for our system of internal control.

  • Download the Role of the Board and the Directors

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  • Internal Control

    The Board’s review of the system of risk management and internal control.

    Each year, an extensive process of self-certification operates throughout the Group whereby the effectiveness of the System of Risk Management and Internal Controls, including compliance with Our Code, and policies are assessed. In addition, we have a comprehensive programme to assess the Group’s Entity Level Controls. The results of the annual process, together with the conclusions of the internal reviews by Internal Audit, enable the Audit Committee and SHESEC, on behalf of the Board, to form and report their view on effectiveness.

    During 2018 there has been intensive activity to improve the financial and commercial controls, particularly in North America Business, but also across the Group. These improvements have been discussed within the Audit Committee and SHESEC throughout the year to provide support and guidance to our management teams. We conclude that the System of Risk Management and Internal Control is effective, whilst recognising the need for ongoing and continuous improvement. We have confidence in the work of Internal Audit and the functional assurance teams, alongside our management teams, to identify issues that arise and remediate where necessary control gaps in line with our risk appetite.

  • Articles of Association

    The Articles of Association were approved at the Company's AGM by special resolution on Monday 13 May 2019.

    Centrica Plc Articles Adopted 13.05.2019
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