Policies and Standards

Wherever Centrica operates we all have a responsibility to understand, follow and apply?Our Code?to our work at all times.

Our Code, together with our policies and standards, supports?our values, demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business and unites us in the common pursuit of?our strategy.

  • Group policies

    Download Our Approach To Political Involvement
    PDF - 123 kb
    Download our Diversity Respect And Inclusion Policy
    PDF - 585 kb
    Download our Health, Safety, Environment and Security Policy
    PDF - 649 kb
    Download our Board Diversity Policy
    PDF - 165 kb
  • Standards for our suppliers, T&Cs and Our Code

    Reliable and ethical supply chains are essential for serving our customers and supporting strong communities. We take great care to treat our suppliers fairly and collaborate to drive high standards in order to maximise opportunities and minimise risks across our supply chain. We interact with our suppliers in a variety of ways including tender and bid processes, surveys, site inspections and events. These interactions cover a broad range of topics such as cost efficiencies and ways of working as well as environmental and modern slavery compliance. We support our procurement process by communicating standards to our suppliers through our responsible procurement programme.


    Download our Procurement & CR Policy for Suppliers
    PDF - 185 kb
    Download our ABC Policy for Suppliers
    PDF - 27 kb
    Purchase Order T&Cs - Goods
    PDF - 629 kb
    Purchase Order T&Cs - Services
    PDF - 724 kb
    Purchase Order T&Cs - Goods And Services
    PDF - 610 kb
    Download Our Code
    PDF - 3.17 mb