Energy Marketing & Trading

Centrica Energy Trading is the trading arm of Centrica. We trade gas, power and LNG and provide the route to market for our upstream and power generation operations.

Employing around 600 people, we have offices in the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Singapore.

We provide our clients with the best route-to-market services available to the market today, integrating sophisticated software, trading and structuring and optimising exposures all the way from long term risk management down to physical trading seconds before delivery.

At Centrica Energy Trading we have a diversified portfolio of energy assets under management, and we represent the new generation of energy traders, leading our customers to value on low-carbon, digital energy markets across the world.

Trading activities

  • Gas

    Conventional assets are under financial pressure and asset owners need to look for new opportunities to ensure profit in the future. Gas markets across Europe are opening up, and transporting gas internationally to take advantage of profitable prices is becoming easier but requires a 24/7 trading setup to provide real time optimisation. Moreover, the market is moving towards the short end and becoming increasingly volatile, making it important to be present on the market as it happens.

    Centrica Energy Trading provides real time optimisation and flexibility on European gas markets. Our constant market presence means that we are on top of market changes and can act fast in real time, and consequently provide clients with the market presence they need to ensure profit.

    Our portfolio is based on transport and storage facilities, and we provide local players with market access throughout Europe. We provide 24/7 real time optimisation for gas assets and monitor markets in order to always be present when new opportunities arise.

  • Power

    Centrica Energy Trading covers the entire range from long-term to short- term markets and certificates.

    Our power trading activities include:

    • Intraday
    • Day ahead
    • Cross border
    • Portfolio management
    • Trading of certificates

    Centrica Energy Trading is well placed in the market as a counterparty for offtake agreements. We represent a variety of clients on the European power markets. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are provided for any type of conventional or renewable power asset located in Europe, working across a wide spectrum of technologies including:

    • Onshore Wind
    • Offshore Wind
    • Biomass
    • Solar
    • Energy from Waste
    • Marine
    • Conventional Thermal
  • Liquified Natural Gas

    The gas market is becoming increasingly global and we continue to expand our global LNG business, diversifying our sources of gas.

    We have built a full range of LNG trading, optimisation and operations capability and continue to transact multiple free on board (FOB) and delivered ex-ship (DES) cargoes from a range of locations globally.

    Shipping LNG – where the gas is cooled to minus 161 degrees Celsius to liquid form, at 1/600 of its original volume for ease of transport – is an increasingly important part of how Centrica is working to secure energy needs for its customers.

Supplier Market Access

  • Supplier Market Access – Wholesale Power Market Liquidity

    Ofgem has introduced a ‘Secure & Promote’ licence condition, which came into effect on 31 March 2014. It aims to improve access to the wholesale power market and improve wholesale market liquidity.

    Centrica Energy Limited (CEL) is the Centrica Group company that is responsible for meeting all obligations set out by Ofgem under this licence condition. This includes any request that is received from an Eligible Supplier for a Trading Agreement.

    Further information on the Secure & Promote licence condition can be found by accessing the Ofgem website at? by contacting?

  • CEL – Request for Trading Agreements

    Should you wish to enter into a UK Power Trading Agreement with CEL under the Supplier Market Access rules, please send your request in writing to?
    In order to request a Trading Agreement, we will require you to provide to us certain information to allow us to complete our counterparty on-boarding process.

    We will respond to your initial trading request within two business days.

    Should you have any questions or require any further information in relation to Supplier Market Access, then please contact:

    Gina Pitsivoris
    Trading Contracts Manager
    Tel: +44 (0)7557 617 020

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