Delivering for our customers

By 2030 our Ambition is to:

  • Help customers understand and manage their energy better
  • Give customers peace of mind through tailored propositions and connected technologies
  • Develop solutions to help our customers run their worlds
  • Make it simpler for people to deal with us in ways that work?for them

We know our customers want products and services that help to make their lives easier in today’s always on-the-go society, and we’re committed to making that happen.

2018 Highlights

Solutions to make our customers’ lives easier

We plan to give our customers even more peace of mind, help them understand and manage their energy better and deliver solutions to help them run their world.

We’ll do this by investing £1.7 billion in developing capabilities across our Home Solutions and Business Services and Solutions businesses, while investing £100 million in Centrica Innovations by 2030 – exploring new technologies and ideas to transform the way our customers live, work and move.

We are already helping customers understand and manage their energy better – but we also want to meet our customers’ broader needs.

Satisfying our customers with an excellent service

We are investing in digital capabilities that enhance our service and enable customers to get in touch with us when and how they want.

This will primarily be achieved through the continued digital transformation of our business to make key customer journeys more efficient, growing our capabilities across digital channels and employing technology like artificial intelligence.

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