Creating stronger communities

By 2030 our Ambition is to:

  • Deliver £5 billion of value for communities through new and distributed energy technologies
  • Deliver £300 million in energy efficiency savings to public and essential services
  • Encourage our people to share their skills by volunteering over 100,000 days
  • Deliver 2,500 skills development opportunities for young people not in education or employment

We’re at the forefront of shaping a new energy future – more local, more flexible and with more power for communities to take control of their energy and generate, manage and use it themselves.

Through our knowledge and expertise, we are helping communities to take control of their energy use and tackle pressing social issues.?Our resources and reach also enable us to make a meaningful difference in our local communities.

2018 Highlights

Applying new energy technologies to drive positive change

The acceleration of digital and decentralised technologies is gaining pace. This transition can help strengthen communities by increasing resilience, reducing environmental impact and unlocking energy savings.

We aim to deliver £5 billion of benefit to businesses through energy efficiency savings and optimisation services by 2030, enabling savings to be used to grow the commercial success of our customers who in turn, support local communities with jobs, taxes and investment.

Within this, we plan to deliver £300 million to public and essential services – so that they can keep investing more in the things that really matter.

Ensuring energy is reliably available, used efficiently and priced competitively is essential for a successful economy.

Collaborating across sectors to support local communities

We share our time and skills to tackle issues that our communities and business really care about.

We will encourage employees to volunteer over 100,000 days by 2030, with efforts focused on supporting our flagship charity partners as well as inspiring the next generation of STEM experts.

Through the Movement to Work programme we will also support 2,500 young people who are not in education or employment to develop their skills through work experience opportunities.

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