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In addition to our Ambition areas, we want to ensure that we care for our customers whenever they need a helping hand.

Vulnerable customers

We understand that energy bills can be a real worry for hard-pressed households. We regularly review our prices to ensure they remain competitive and we inform customers if they could save money by moving to a different tariff. We also work hard to identify and support those who need extra help.

Our strategic partnerships enable us to deliver bill assistance, debt advice and energy efficiency improvements.

We also want to help others to help those in need, so we have supported the development of industry guidance that will enable the entire utility sector to become?dementia-friendly.

Customer service

We are investing in our customer service capabilities by improving customer service systems and enhancing training for our people.?Overtime, these efforts will improve?customer satisfaction and reduce complaints.

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Our call centre agents receive vulnerability training which has been recognised as the best of its kind.

Climate Change

As well as reducing carbon emissions, we monitor, manage and try to reduce our water use, waste production, air emissions and ecological impact.


Water availability is an increasingly significant issue around the world. We are committed to being clearer about how much water we use and to reducing our water impact through efficient environmental management. Although we do not conduct water-intensive activities or operate in water-stressed zones, we constantly seek to minimise our use of this vital resource. That’s why we participate in?CDP’s Water Disclosure Project.


We have processes and controls across our business to keep water waste to a minimum and manage it as effectively as possible.


We recognise our responsibility to manage the effect of our operations on biodiversity, particularly in our energy sourcing and generating activities where the potential impact is greatest. We conduct environmental impact assessments and develop action plans which involve our employees and local communities where possible.

Air emissions

We aim to reduce the amount of air pollutants emitted across our operations. The combustion of natural gas in power generation releases pollutants such as Nitrogen oxides, Sulphur Dioxide and particulates that have an impact air quality.

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We want to enable a cleaner energy system that supports renewables, reduces reliance on fossil fuels, and enhances grid flexibility.


As we focus on building the workforce of the future, it’s essential that we create a working environment where our people feel safe, engaged and rewarded.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Safety is our number one priority and we aspire to have an incident-free workplace wherever our people operate, whether they are driving to a customer’s home or working on an offshore platform. To achieve this, we are targeting safety interventions in key performance areas as well as implementing an improved management system.

Employee Engagement

It’s important that everyone feels motivated and able to deliver for our customers. We try to listen to our people and take action to make sure that we have the right culture, policies and practices. Our people can share their thoughts and help us to improve in a a number of ways, including through employee engagement surveys, consultations and our independent Speak Up helpline.

Reward and Remuneration

We are committed to paying at least the Living Wage in the UK and reducing our gender pay gap.

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We have robust processes in place to uphold equal pay and reward our people fairly.


Supply Chain

Reliable and ethical supply chains are essential in serving our customers and supporting communities. We take great care to treat our suppliers fairly and collaborate with them to achieve high standards so that we can maximise opportunities and minimise risks across our supply chain. Find out more in our?Modern Slavery Statement.

Human Rights

We have a responsibility and we are committed to uphold and protect the human rights of everybody who works for us, wherever we operate. We take steps to make sure that our people working in countries with a high risk to human rights are safeguarded, as set out in Our Code. We also recognise that we have a responsibility to contribute positively to global efforts to ensure human rights are understood and observed. Read our?UNGC Communication on Progress.

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