Shadow Minister helps celebrate a year of savings at Dundee EV hub

Shadow Minister helps celebrate a year of savings at Dundee EV hub

Danielle Rowley, the Shadow Minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs, has visited the electric vehicle hub in Dundee, which is celebrating a year of generating energy and carbon savings.?

Centrica Business Solutions designed and built the EV Hub, introducing fast and rapid charging, powered by solar power generation and on-site battery storage.

The city now has one of the most extensive charging?infrastructures in the UK. Nine out of the top 10 most used?rapid chargers in Scotland are located in Dundee. The city?also boasts 102 ‘plug-in’ electric taxis and 30% of buses are?now electric. In addition, Dundee City Council has the largest fleet of electric?vehicles of any local authority in the UK, with 87 to date.?

Over the last 12 months there have been more than 24,000 charging sessions at the Princess Street site, saving approximately 256 tons of CO2. The solar produced?has allowed a car to go to?the moon and back?2.5 times.


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  • Centrica plc is a leading international Energy Services and Solutions provider. Our purpose is to provide energy and services to satisfy the changing needs of our customers, enabling the transition to a lower carbon future. We’ve been serving customers for over 200 years and aim to be at the centre of their daily lives - central to helping them run their world in ever more sustainable ways.
  • We believe that the electrification of transport will be fundamental to global decarbonisation efforts and are committed to working with customers and partners to drive progress in this space.?
  • Centrica is a member of EV100, a global initiative by the Climate Group that brings together companies committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles.?
  • As the owner of the third largest commercial fleet in the UK, Centrica has committed to electrify its 12,500-strong fleet of vehicles by 2030, having already racked up over one million electric miles over the last five years.