Our Values

Having the right values at the heart of Centrica is essential to our success.

Care, delivery, collaboration, agility and courage are values we developed through conversations with employees across the business about what it means to be Centrica and what we need to value in order to be successful.?

By living our values we will be better able to fulfil our purpose and satisfy the changing needs of our customers.


We care deeply about our impact

  • The safety of our team and of others around us is paramount

  • We respect others, and the trust they place in us

  • We want to make a difference to society and those we touch

  • We have a sense of responsibility which goes beyond our job

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We do things right and deliver

  • We value delivering great service and customer outcomes

  • We are rigorous, do things the right way, and follow best practice

  • We appreciate the journey as well as the results

  • We seek simplicity, efficiency and continuous improvement

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Together we win

  • We enjoy working with others

  • We believe relationships and partnerships are fundamental

  • We are best when we work as a team

  • We seek out views and mutual understanding, even from our harshest critics

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We are nimble, curious and innovative

  • We don’t stand still and know when to change

  • We seek out new things which will make a difference

  • We are restless, always looking to do better

  • We embrace the ideas and perspectives of others

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We step up and take responsibility

  • We pursue the right outcome, knowing it is rarely easy

  • We are prepared to stand for what we believe

  • We will challenge where we believe the path is wrong

  • We face into the challenge and grasp the opportunity


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