Recruitment fraud

It is important to be aware of fraudulent recruitment activity. Centrica will never offer you a job or a contract without first having gone through a detailed recruitment process which will involve at least one face-to-face meeting or assessment.

If an offer looks fraudulent, it probably is. Offers coming from e-mail accounts which are not from the Centrica group ( - such as .yahoo, .msn, .hotmail accounts - are fraudulent and usually trying to obtain your money or personal details.

During the recruitment process, Centrica will never:

  • Ask you for money (e.g. visa fees, travel expenses, training etc.)
  • Request personal documentation before a formal interview/assessment (e.g. passport, bank details)
  • Send correspondences with substantially poor formatting/grammatical errors

Do not share personal information with any of these accounts and report anything suspicious to or your local police department.